Exporting from Biblioscape into Reference Manager

I tried to export from Biblioscape to Reference Manager using RIS tagged file. It's not reliable. Often, first letters of Authors are chopped off and replaced by a comma and space i.e. ", ". This is done in apparently a completely random way. If export of the same databse is done into via the Biblioscape tagged format, everything works fine with the same data.

 However, the problem is that I can't find a filter for importing Biblioscape tagged file into Reference Manager. Other ways of exporting into Reference Manager did not work either. Does anybody have a .cap filter for Biblioscape Tag File into Reference Manager?

Can you list a sample record

Can you list a sample record in Biblioscape tag format and then in RIS format exported from Biblioscape. I want to see how an author name is chopped. Thanks.

Try export to endnote and

Try export to endnote and import from there. You could use the demo version of EN if you need to export one database only.

I just tried export from

I just tried export from Biblioscape in EndNote Refer format and imported it to EndNote. There is not author name chopping. How author names are entered in your database? Maybe the format is not right.