How can I do a records search across multiple tags?

How can I do a records for reference (or notes) records that have a particular combination of multiple tags?

If I do a Search|Query|Advanced search with two to the search terms set to Categories and with the term fields loaded with two tags that I know occur for some reference records, the result is "< No Data to Display>".

It seems that this should work, but apparently it doesn't. Is there another way to accomplish such a search?

The advanced search you

The advanced search you described should work. Are you sure the right terms are entered and the search condition is correct? An easier way is to select both categories and click the right mouse button. From the popup menu, go to "Search" and select "Search - Containing all selected tags".


The above was with v.9. I just installed v.10 and have the same problem with it. I also tried it the other way you described above, and that fails too.

In experimenting, what I found is that it works with the OR command (or when selecting from the Tags list, the "Containing Any" choice), but it fails with the AND command (or the "Containing All" choice).

ALSO: Once and advanced search is made, changing the radio button between AND, OR or NOT and pressing Enter will not cause a new search to be executed. It is necessary to change one of the search terms first, and then change it back to the original term. If one of the search terms is not changed, no action is taken even if the radio button is shifted to something different.