How can I get

The manual says that should be in Biblioscape's Tools folder, but it isn't there. How can I get a copy?

Is it version 9 or version

Is it version 9 or version 10?


Version 9.

For version 9, it is under

For version 9, it is under "tools" folder and it is called For version 10, the integration is completely redone. Biblioscape no longer goes through RTF for formatting. So all the problems like slow performance when there are big graphics are gone. The new integration will show all your references inside Word, you can drag and drop to cite a reference. The formatted citation and bibliography will be generated instantly. We believe this is the best Word integration on the market.

Paul, What you mentioned

What you mentioned here is quite important: The formatted citation and bibliography will be generated instantly. This function will save a lot of time. My question is the following. I've been working in a long manuscript about six months using BS 9.0 in which I have hundreds of references. Every time I format the document and proofread it I found formatting mistakes, this is quite normal since identify format problems with the Temporary Reference is not easy. I would like to use this new function of BS, it is really good. So......... Considering my document has been written with the BS9 methodology, can I "migrate" it to the new BS10? How can I do it?

Question 2. Not RTF, so, is it DOCX fully supported? Which versions of MS Word have you tested? I am still using 2007.


1. Biblioscape offers this

1. Biblioscape offers this new way of formatting in Word. But this only works for new document. There is no support for converting old temp citations to the new ones. 2. Native format is fully supported. Word 2007, 2010, and 2013 are supported. The old formatting features are still available. If you have an earlier versin of Word or you use other word processor, you can still go through RTF to do the formatting.


The file is missing from the tools folder. How can I get another copy of it?

If the file is missing in

If the file is missing in your machine, please email me at I will send you one by email. Paul