Reference order in formatted document....

Hi guys,
When you write a manuscript and made a multiple reference, the desirable scenario is that the format process considers the order you have in the document, usually by year, as you see in the example:

[Candy 1995 #1417 / Montgomery 1995 #1554 / Pavlopoulos 1998 #1535 / Labbe 2002 #1641 / Freelan 2003 #1668 / Brundage 2006 ^np #1467 / Mohd. Rahim 2006 #1875]

However, in the formatted document the result is:

Brundage 2006, Candy 1995, Freelan 2003, Labbe 2002, Mohd. Rahim 2006, Montgomery 1995, Pavlopoulos 1998

Neither date nor ID is respected. I tried multiple configurations without success. How can I get a format multi-reference ordered by date?


In the style editor, under

In the style editor, under the "Citation" tab, you can choose the sorting order "Year, Author".

Thanks for the

Thanks for the info.