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In the Categories list I clicked on a category to display the tagged records. The number of records associated with this category gets set to "0" and the list of tagged records remains empty. When I change to a reference folder and run an advanced search, I also get no result for that category. However, when I look up a record which had been tagged with that category and display the tags tab, I find the category selected and the original number of associated references given.
How can I search for that category again?

Volker, there are many

Volker, there are many troubles with category names and categories behaviour in general. Take a look in Maybe we can help to the BS guys to identify the problem which is quite tricky indeed. I am thinking the problem is originated in the search list.


Category name has to be at

Category name has to be at least 3 letters long. Special characters like !@#$%^&*()<>- can be used. But they are counted as word separators. For example, if you have "B-M", it will not work. If you have "B-MOM", it is fine. These are the restrictions.

In version 10, users will be

In version 10, users will be prompted if the category name is less than 3 characters long. If special characters are used and the total number of characters is longer than 3. Users won't be prompted. These characters are used as word separater. For example, if you have "World Health Organization (WHO)", it will work fine.


Hi Paul,

I noted in a related thread (that I can't find now) that numerals don't count toward the three characters. This is awkward, as it excludes words like CO2, NH3, 2oC, 4oC, etc. that are in common useage.

Also, the three character restriction eliminates the possibility of conventional two-character state or national abreviations (Va, UK, etc.).

Is this a restriction of the database engine, or is there perhaps a way that the length restriction can be eliminated?

As it is, I am again considering moving over from V.8 to V.9 (which I registered some time ago but have not yet put to practical use), but now realize that I will have to modify my category list (which is long and deeply hierarchical) first, since many entries don't comply with the V.9 restrictions.

In version 10, we developed

In version 10, we developed a custom word generator to handle number as well. It also added support for Greek, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. So words like CO2, NH3, 2oC, 4oC, etc. will be allowed.


Shouldn't the user be prompted to correct a non-compliant category name, and be prevented from creating one that it non-compliant?

Is that category name in a

Is that category name in a different language? Also, go to the Options windows, under the "Database" tab, select table "bib" and field "Categories" to see if it has text index defined. If not, add one. Thanks, Paul

The categories name is $$$ I

The categories name is $$$
I removed the text index and created it anew with no better result.

$ sign is excluded from

$ sign is excluded from Biblioscape text index. There are many special characters excluded from text indexing like "(", "#", "@", etc. Please use regular text as a category name.