New Reference / Create Duplicate

I searched for references, highlighted one reference from the search results and pressed New Reference / Create Duplicate. A new window opens. I edited the duplicate and, since there is no "save" button, closed the window. Now I can't find the reference I created based on the duplicate.
I'm using BS Since I create quite a few new references this way, I'm very eager to find them...
Thanks, Volker


I can't figure out how to do Create Duplicate. The manual says to select a record, right-click, and pick Create Duplicate from the right-click menu. The only right-click items in the menu are Select All, Cutomize, and Filter. (This is for a reference record.)

I also checked the ribbon, but don't see a Create Duplicate command there.

Using ???

The Create Duplicate command

The Create Duplicate command in version 9 has a bug when trying to create a duplicate from a search list. It works fine when creating a duplcate from a folder list. The bug is fixed in version 10. Click the "New Reference" drop down arrow and select "Create Duplicate". Or press the shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+N.

When you create a duplicate

When you create a duplicate from a search, the new records will be created under the same folder. An easy way to see all your newly added records is to press Ctrl+R to retrieve all records. Newly added records will be shown at the top.

Hi Paul, I'm getting the

Hi Paul, I'm getting the following results:
(1) All (or some) of the references I created yesterday using "create duplicate" are empty.
(2) Today I created a test reference using "create duplicate" which worked fine, but another, unrelated reference from the search folder disappeared and I can't find it in my database anymore.

I cannot reproduce the

I cannot reproduce the problem reported in (1). For (2), if the reference is edited and it no longer satisfy the query condition, it will disappear from a search folder. If you can reproduce the problems, please zip all the files under your database and email me the zip. I will try to reproduce it with your database. Thanks, Paul

Hi Paul, I get the feeiling

Hi Paul, I get the feeiling "create duplicate" is generally unstable. Now I can't reproduce my observations from yesterday either, but BS now fills in data in formerly empty fields in the duplicate. The data are strings I have recently added to other references. Thanks, Volker

Volker and Paul, Duplicate

Volker and Paul,
Duplicate references usually damaged the original reference. I decided not to use this option almost a year ago. It is a pity because for instance in conference proceeding references it could be quite useful, but you can no trust this functionality, you waste a lot of time verifying that BS haven't made a mess in your database.


This problem only happens

This problem only happens when creating a duplicate from a search result. When creating duplicate from a folder or collection, it is fine. This problem will be fixed in version 10. 

I got your database now.

I got your database now. Please let me know the exact record and steps to reproduce this. Thanks, Paul