Using et. al. in references

I use APA documentation style.  For references with multiple authors, after the first time the in text reference is used with all of the author names, additional entries just use the first author's name followed by "et. al., date".  Is there a way to get Biblioscape to do this?  

Which version of Biblioscape

Which version of Biblioscape do you use? In version 6.x, the settings for APA in text citations authors format are: List first 6 authors the first time. List first 3 authors plus "et al." in subsuquent appearance. Only list the first author if the total number of authors exceeds 3. The settings for each style in Biblioscape is customizable.


I also use the APA style. Biblioscape replaces subsequent authors' names with "et al." automatically. In version 5.4, which I use, it does not write out all authors' names the first time the reference is mentioned, but this may have changed in more recent releases. You could just download the trial version of Biblioscape and try it out.