Possibility of multiple-users editing

Dear colleagues,

I am evaluating the usefulness of adquiring Biblioscape for a Department within the Pharmaceutical company. We will have to work on the same database and for the program description it seems that is possible for multiple users to have access to the same databases. However, could someone confirm me that is possible for multiple users to have acess to the same database and editing it simultaneously (for example importing references, editing references and libraries etc)?

Thank you very much for your help.

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Mariana Almas

Yes, multiple users can work

Yes, multiple users can work on the same database at the same time. First, install Biblioscape on a designated server PC. Move your existing database or create a new database on the local drive of the server PC to be shared. Run Biblioscape and open the shared database. Go to "Home | Database | Configure Remote Database Access". Click "Yes" To create a new *.bsr file. Follow the help file topic about how to set parameters for the *.bsr file. Before giving the created *.bsr file to other users, copy "C:\Biblioscape x\biblioremote\edbsrvr.exe" file to your databaes folder and run edbsrve.exe from there. Now all your users can simply run Biblioscape on their machine, open the *.bsr file given to them and share the same database.