control of the default folder when importing references in Biblioscape 9

Hi everybody,

Maybe I have missed something in the help file but I was wondering whether there was a way to control the default folder in which references are imported: say I open my Biblioscape database, I import some references from the Web: is there a way to control that they are imported in a specific referenecs folder?


Fréédric Gosselin

Fréédric Gosselin, It goes

Fréédric Gosselin, It goes into the last references folder you opened. In you have not opened any folder in this session. It goes into the first folder. Paul

Thank you Paul for the info.

Thank you Paul for the info. Then the next question: how is the first folder defined: is this he first one appearing in the Folders section? Or in there another order?



It is the first created

It is the first created references folder in your database.