Updating reference after changing folder

Hi guys,
During the last ten days I have been reclassifying my bibliography into reference folders and tagging the references with multiple categories. In my "workaround", I just move references from one folder to another and update the categories, very easy but veeeeeery boring and time consuming. Sadly, I have had multiple problems with this. I want to highlight two of then because they are very repetitive and they obviously are some issues to improve in future versions.

  1. First, when you move a reference from one folder to another the reference (correctly) is not shown any more in the current folder (current view in the list pane), but the read tab in the record pane (lower view/window) still shows the information of the reference that was moved to the new folder. Why this happens? This generates confusion and makes the process slower and confuse. In my opinion, after one moves the reference, the next reference should be selected AUTOMATICALLY and the read tab in the record pane should updated the information of that reference. It does not make sense that while you are watching the references of one folder in the list pane, the record pane shows information of a reference stored in a different folder. This is confuse, I hope you have got the idea.
  2. Without any reason (not registering new tasks, not registering new references, and not stupid manipulations) the categories suddenly do not work properly any more. For example, one category could have 16 tagged references; after three days of work I found a reference to be tagged into that category, I made click in the category and the reference got the category correctly, but, when I made click on the category to check the whole collection the total number became zero (it should be 17) and the most important, no references were shown in the list pane. So, I wasted my time and my classification in that category. I have 36 categories, four of them failed, happily not the most important. Why happened this? It is not such a good thing that without any reason or justification the data base just fail and make the information wrong
  3. Even worst, if I deleted the problematic category and create a new one with the same name the behaviour was the same. I deleted problematic categories even from the bin (permanently). The only solution I found was changing the name of the category x(. I ran Repair and Optimize with no results.

At the end, I recovered data from a previous backup checking Ref_ID through SQL, but of course this was wasting of time. Well, I hope you check this issues, they are certainly remaining problems in the software.

One final question guys , I usually make a backup weekly. Before make the backup, I run Repair and Optimize. Actually, I execute this options after one hard session, I mean, many new references/tasks etc. Is this OK? Is there any problem in running these options frequently?


1. This bug will be fixed

1. This bug will be fixed in update 

2. There are two ways to remove a tag from references. You have to click a tag to retrieve all references tagged by it. Then if you click the category check box again, the tag will be removed. Or you can drag and drop a references into a tag to remove it if it is already tagged by it. I tried to reproduce this bug without success. If you can reproduce it, please let me know. We need to fix it ASAP.

3. What is the category name used before and after? After changing names, did it work?

There is no need to run repair and optimize before backup. You can go to Options and set the auto backup frequency.


Hi Paul,Here some new

Hi Paul,
Here some new comments and feedback.

1. Happy to know it.
2. I understand how to tag or remove tags, you can trust I am not doing something wrong as for this procedure. I agree this must be fixed ASAP, and I will help you to do so as much as I can.
3. Original names were 3D and W3C. New names were 3D/4D and W3C-. Sadly, after recover my tags, it happened again. I lost the classification of these categories again. However, the remained 34 categories work very well. Do you guys consider the use of numbers in the category names could be the origin of the problem. Checking the database, the tags are still in the bib table.
4. One new problem. What's wrong with Priority marks? Since two updates, when you prioritize a reference (Tags/Priority) the process takes about 5 seconds. What happened? Have you change something? In previous Biblioscape versions that process ALWAYS took less than one second.

Yes, I understand I do not need run Repair and Optimize before doing a backup. My actual question: is it possible I have damaged my database due to run these options many many times? or Is just doesn't make any sense?

Any extra information you need please let me know.


It is not possible for you

It is not possible for you to damage your database the way you described. The problem is caused by Biblioscape does not include numbers in its full text index. That's why when using category "W3C" to tag references, the tagged references will not be retrieved. We will try to make numbers to be included in the full text index in future releases. Thanks, Paul

Hi, Following the discussion

Following the discussion we have in this thread, I found other category name that produces the same result (really bad, wasting my time again). If a category is called "OO" (vowels), the index is broken suddenly.


Again, this is something not

Again, this is something not indexed by Biblioscape. The mimum word length is 3. 

Once again, categorization

Once again, categorization disappeared. Today morning, I classified 12 articles in the category entitled "Ontology-based", no numbers in the name, more than three characters in the name, so, the problems identified above do not applied. Maybe you will say that the hyphen is the problem which in fact it is not true because I have other categories such as "Field-based" or "Event-based" and there is no problem therein. What I did before crash?. This time I can describe quite precise:

  • First, I completed my classification.
  • After a few minutes I searched the database, I used advanced options, by title, keyword=ontology.
  • Then I came back to my paper, after a few minutes I changed from Search tab to Tags tab.
  • BS remained doing something about 15 seconds.
  • When finished, my work had been deleted, the category "Ontology-based" shows 0 records.

This is really disappointing, and frustrating. I hope you really take care of this problem, after all this issues it is evident there is a bug here. There is something wrong between the search and the tags. One can no trust tags with this problem.

NEW INFORMATION. After writing the text above, I checked the database, and this case is event worst than I expected. I had classified 12 articles in the ontology-based category. Somehow that references moved from the ontology-based category to the semantic-based category. I am sure you guys are thinking I am doing things really wrong here. You can be sure it is not the case, I just made a search and after that changed from one tab (Search) to other (Tags). Who will gave my time back? This is a waste of time. Take care of this.

NEW INFORMATION 2. You guys do this. Search a set of references by any keyword. Using the list, the search list derived from the previous search, assign a category to some of them. Then move from different tabs, mainly from search from tags and doing new searches.I am pretty sure your will get the bug. Please remember I degraded my version to


With your database, I can

With your database, I can reproduce the categories panel flickering bug. This bug will be fixed in version 10. But I cannot reproduce the tagging shift bug reported. I tried assigning references to "Ontology-based" from folder, searches, and it all worked. It is not deleted or shifted.

I tried to reproduce the bug

I tried to reproduce the bug with "Ontology-based" without success. I followed your description about switching between "Categories" and "Search" tabs, but I cannot reproduce it. Maybe I can reproduce it with your database. You can zip all the files under your database folder and email me the zip. It won't be seen by others. Or you can use "Collections" instead of categories to classify your references.

Sure, I can zip my database,

Sure, I can zip my database, but please let me know your email, that's why I haven´t sent it to you.


Please email it to

Please email it to support@biblioscape.com. If the zip file is too large, you can upload it to a web site and let me know the URL. There are many free file sharing web sites like dropbox that let you control file access.

OK, my fault!!! In any case,

OK, my fault!!! In any case, it would be useful the software give user a kind of alert when you create a category saying that the name is not valid. Thanks for the info.


In version 10, we will

In version 10, we will remind users when a category with less than 3 characters is added. Thanks, Paul