Problem with editing

I have no idea what I did, and I cannot figure out how to fix it.

I am working in Biblioscape 9. I was editing records and tried to make the Year/Vol/Issue/Start/End Page column a bit wider so I could read it better. I apparently dragged the field with it and the whole line moved to become a subordinate field of Keywords. When trying to move it back, the whole thing (year et al. under Keywords) became subordinate to Abstract. There is a plus symbols to open and close all the fields underneath Abstract. When closed I cannot see the keywords or year/vol/etc.

Does anyone have any idea what I did and how I can fix it? I've been trying everything I can think of from moving the fields around (just kept getting worse) to deleting all Biblioscape information from my computer and reinstalling. The reinstall did not work because it is exactly the same when I open Biblioscape again.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Julia, Biblioscape lets user

Julia, Biblioscape lets user customize the "Edit" list. Users can re-arrange field order and parent child relationship by drag-and-drop. When you drag a field, if the cursor is on top of another field, you will create a parent-child relationship. If you move the curosr to the left of another field's label, the cursor icon will change, your field will be moved just below that field.