Any further improvement on locating certain category in the right category pane?

My category list is now becoming quite long, although I have grouped them into different folders.
Some category folders may still contain more than 100 categories.

I wonder is there any improved method to locate the certain category with some keyword quickly, for example a category with "cho". The sub-string "cho" may appear in the middle of the category name.
It is not convenient to use search function in the category pane, because when come back to the reference pane, it is still difficult to locate the certain category.

Please find a way to highlight all the categories with certain characters, or just filter to show only certain categories. Particular, this method should be easily accessible in the reference pane.


Zou, In version 10, we plan

Zou, In version 10, we plan to change the category click and double click behaviour. Once this is changed, you can click any item in the "tags" tab. then just type category name to jump to it. For example, if you type "cho", it will jump to the first category that starts with "cho".

That's will be very

That's will be very useful.
Is there any concrete date for the release of Bib. 10?

Zou, the documentation is

Zou, the documentation is not updated yet. If you are interested, email me for an early beta.