Citations and Reference List are always formatted in Times New Roman font.

I am using Biblioscape and MS Word 2010. When I format my manuscript, the citations and reference list are always formatted in the Times New Roman font, even though my original document is formatted in the Calibri font. How do I make Biblioscape use the Calibri font for this purpose?

same problem

My reference list in my document always formats using Arial font, even though the rest of the document is in Times New Roman. I have Times New Roman selected in the References tab of the Options box in Biblioscape 10. Why isn't the ref list displaying as TNR?
L. Jordan

The formatted citation will

The formatted citation will have the same font as previous text. The reference list font can be customized by go to the Options window in Biblioscape. Under the "References" tab, you can change the formatted reference preview font.

Providing custom styles in

Providing custom styles in Word is a standing request. Competing software does that well.

In version 11, the

In version 11, the bibliography part is assigned a style named "Biblioscape bibliography", you can customize the style. The formatted citations will adopt the same style as previous text.