Word cannot open the formatted manuscript if an "en dash" is used in the style, such as between page numbers.

Let's say that you try to use an "en dash," instead of a hyphen, between the starting and ending page numbers of a reference, as part of a style that you are creating. (The "en dash" is a little longer than a hyphen and is commonly used for this purpose of expressing a range of pages.) Specifically, let's say that you copy the "en dash" from MS Word and paste it in the "text before the field" entry box for the "end page" template of one of the reference types of your style. Then when Biblioscape formats the manuscript according to your style, the manuscript will be garbled and will not be able to be opened by MS Word (or even Wordpad).

The same thing happens if you try to use an "em dash."

So, don't use the "en dash" or "em dash" in a style until this bug can be worked out.

An alternative might be the suggestion in this old post; I haven't tried it yet:
"How can I use en dash instead of hypen between start page and end page? Tue, 11/27/2007 - 14:27 — Paul Chen"

I inserted an "en dash" and

I inserted an "en dash" and copy paste it to Biblioscape style editor. I then used this style to format a manuscript. It worked.