Dear Paul,

I have finally registered and found some time to start using Biblioscape. The secretary, at the University Department, downloaded a simple Library program (Biblioteca Facil 7) which is very simple to use to catalog our books, since I was taking so long to get started with Biblioscape. They dont seem to offer any "export" facilities and I am very concerned if we are duplicating or triplicating efforts. I can generate reports with all items cataloged until now... with your expertize, do you think I will be able to import to Biblioscape by creating a special filter??

I see there was a previous inquiry as to whether Biblioscape could import the Dewey Decimal Catloging system... was that done?

I realize the program´s best uses are in direct research using the web and less physical data, but since we do need to work on our library and since this is why we preferred Biblioscpae to end-note, I hope you can assist us.


May, Biblioscape can import

May, Biblioscape can import references in many different formats. There are hundreds of filters premade. You can first import books into a references folder. If these are books in your library, just select the imported records and drag drop them into the Library item in the projects tree. Please let me know what formats does your other program can export to. Please let me know the whole list, I can then give my suggestion. Thanks, Paul