1) I purchased an education copy of Biblioscape 9 weeks ago and did n´t have time to start using it. Now I am trying to get acquainted with the program, but cant find the registration key. Since I am i this forum, I believe I did register? Where do I find the registration key?

2) Since We purchased an educational copy, I believe all the professors and students in our Post-graduate program will have access to the program. Will we share the same registration key?

3) Since there are copyrights involved, when we include students and teachers in the access group, should they sign a commitment form?

May Waddington Telles Ribeiro

May Waddington Telles

May Waddington Telles Ribeiro, 1. The key is in the receipt email you received right after purchase. 2. Biblioscape desktop is licensed to individual user and the customer is allowed to install on up to 3 computers of his/her. It should not be used by others. You purchased the Librarin edition which include BiblioWeb server. The web based access is allowed for all users in your organization. 3. There is no need to sign a form. The admin of BiblioWeb server can control who has access (read, write) at the folder level.