Release of Version 7... When?



I am sure you at Biblioscape have been working hard on getting Version 7 ready for release. On the site it mentions the release date as the first day of 2007. The date has come and gone, so I was wondering when you expect the new date to be? I am just eager to start working on a new project with an even better version of Biblioscape. Looking forward to hearing from you.




Darren McDonald

Sheffield/UK & Tokyo/Japan

Version 7?


I would like to add my voice to Darren's. Is there any indication of a revised release date for Biblioscape 7, other than the first day of January, 2007?

While Biblioscape 6.5 has served my purposes well in the past, I am eagerly anticipating the release of Version 7. Also, is there any possibility that the new version will include a cite-while-you-write feature?


Mick Stringer

Perth, WA

Version 7 is still not

Version 7 is still not complete. But I will make a very rough beta available in this week just to let some hardcore users to play with it. Sorry, no live formatting the way EndNote does it. Once version 7 is out, we will see what we can do with Word 2007.

You've got to be kidding

You haven't even released a beta version yet?! You can't be serious. Just what have you been doing for the past year and a half since you promised version 7?

Is Biblioscape just a hobby for you? Do you have any staff, any semblance of a business organization. Seriously Paul, this is really pathetic and more than simply a disappointment for your customers.

We've been patiently waiting for over a year, counting on the promised January 1, 2007 release, and now you're telling us you don't even have a beta version ready and that you'll cobble up a rough beta this week "just to let some hardcore users to play with it"!!!!!!

 Gee thanks for throwing us a bone dude... Your product is good but not that good. Sorry, but I just can't stomach a company (person?) who takes their customers for granted. This is really bad.

Version 7 is the most

Version 7 is the most important upgrade since version 4. The database schema is changed. It is now a multi-window application instead of a single window application. We do things differently from traditional software makers. We try to be more open to customers and tell customers our feature plan, release schedule, etc. We can make a fewer changes and release version 7 last year. Then release another one to charge for upgrade. We didn't do it. We made all the big changes in one release to minimize the impact on our existing customers. We offered a free upgrade to all the customers who purchased in 2006. Once version 7 is out, we will go back to the old pace to release a major upgrade every 1-2 years.

Making software is differently from other manufacturing job. Adding one feature sometimes create a ripple effect. I do apologize for the repeated delays. I do like the new version very much. I hope it won't disappoint you.


The new version has a

The new version has a windows approach? (I mean, for example, the possibility to open the search module and notes modules in two different (small) windows at the same time).

Yes, it does. Very much like

Yes, it does. Very much like the way Outlook does things. It even has colored categories like Outlook 2007.

 what means "hardcore

 what means "hardcore users" ?

I am crazy to try out v.7 and I am your costumer since version 5. Am I a "hardcore user''?