Invalid Argument in References after using Filter


I cannot access to my References after using a filter (by colors of categories). Categories and notes are still accessible but evey time I'm trying to read my References, it opens a window saying "invalid argument", and the whole software stops to work. Sometimes, I cannot even access to my databases, because this window opens when I have launched the software.

I'm using Biblioscape 9

Thank you for your help


Please, I need help. I'm writting my dissertation and cannot use Biblioscape anymore !!!


T.C., Please post a reply

T.C., Please post a reply about how the problem is fixed as you mentioned in the email. Thanks, Paul


Thank you Paul, it's working fine now. I can
post your message on the support website if you want, to help people who could
have to lead with the same problem. 

The Problem Step by Step

First, I was trying to organize my references by categories, in order to generate a bibliography including the references attached only to this or
that category. So, under the folder "references", I made a right-click and selected the option "filter", then, I choosed to filter my references by
categories. I don't remember exactly but I think the only way to do this was using colours (the filter syntax by categories doesn't allow other
kind of manipulation). At that time, I didn't know how to mark categories with colours and what theses colours really meant, so no one of my
references were marked with colours when I used the filter. I entered however one or two colours into the filter syntax, but when I conclued the operation, it opened the window "Invalid Argument".

And, since this moment, the software had stopped to work correctly. Sometimes, when I runed the program, I could access to my "notes", my "categories" and all the other options in the toolbar, but not to the "references" folders. If I clicked on a "references" folder, the window "Invalid Argument" opened again, the software stopped to run, and all the other folders or options were blocked. Often, I could not run the
program or close it correctly. And the same problem occured with all my databases.


The Solution

By Paul,

The problem may be caused by a filter. Click Windows Start button and enter "Regedit" to run the"regedit.exe" program. On the left of registry editor, go to the section "HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > CG Information > Biblioscape 9 > RefList". Select the RefList item and click the right mouse button, select "Delete" to delete this entry. Then start Biblioscape.