Problem with Google Scholar

In working with your Quick Start Tutorial, using your version and Windows 7, and trying to follow your instructions for "Search Google Scholar", I find that when I do the online search, Google Scholar does not return any results. Also, when I examine related references in the preview panel, while Google Scholar seems to deliver quite a number of related references, there is no link "Import into BibTex" shown for any of the related references.

This was my experience using my desktop computer. However, I loaded the software onto my laptop, also a Windows 7 machine, and those functions work just fine.

Can you give me some advice on what I can do to get Google Scholar to work properly on my desktop machine.


Victor, if you click the

Victor, if you click the "Browser" button and run google scholar search there, do you get the "Import into BibTeX"? Biblioscape online search depends on IE. IE 9 should work fine under Windows 7.

I had the same

I had the same problem in the past. It's strange, but the issue disappears, when Status pane (highlighted in red) is visible: