Note editing and keyboard shortcuts

Dear Paul,

I just stumbled about a "feature" in Biblioscape that has by now annoyed me a few times and that I would like to mention:

When typing a note (that means: typing text into the "note" page) it occasionally happens that I make a typo. If I notice that immediately I usually correct it using the backspace key and retype the word. If it is already a few words back I go backwards a few words and correct it there. As a well-trained typer, I usually use the keyboard shortcuts for that that I am used to use in MS Word: Ctrl+Cursor Left. If I happen to do that in Biblioscape (which I do nearly "automatically"), the consequence is that Biblioscape jumps to another note - without saving the changes in the edited note! (which can have the consequence of a complete loss if it was new)

Although I admit that it is handy to have a keyboard shortcut for that, I feel that in this case Biblioscape should care about the changes in the present note and either save them or at least ask whether they should be saved.

Thanks in advance for having a look at it


Kristian, which version of

Kristian, which version of Biblioscae do you use? The Ctrl+Left shortcut doesn't jump to another record when I tested it. Thanks, Paul

Dear Paul, I just checked

Dear Paul,

I just checked the installation in case: It was (and I was able to reproduce that behavior). After an update to the Ctrl+Left shortcut did what I expected: It jumped one word left.