Biblioscape release

Biblioscape version is now available. To get this update, please run Biblioscape and click the "Update" button under the "Home" Ribbon tab.

New features:
1. Importing into a collection is now allowed.
2. In the "Options" window, "Reference Types" is added. Users can drag and drop field row to re-arrange the order. The field display order in the "Read" tab will change accordingly. Custom reference types from earlier version can now be migrated to the current version.
3. The database engine was updated. When converting old databases, the full text index will remain case insensitive.

Bug fixes:
1: If users enter a fast search with less than 3 letters, an error message is produced.
2: When editing an import filter, clicking the Save button causes the first reference type specific filter overwrite the current one.
3: When add pdf file to a reference folder, access violation is generated. This bug was introduced in the last update.
4: When exporting z39.50 connection file, the extension *.bzt is not used.
5: Biblioscape will generate truncation error when saving records in some localized version of Windows. Now Last_post is stamped with a real number instead date time text.
6: After deleting a folder, records under the folder are not deleted.
7: After adding or deleting a categoris folder, the tags popup menu categories folder list is not updated.
8: When making name change to style or filter, the sub-style or sub-filter change is made to the first one instead of the current one.
9: In the Internet module, when double click a folder in the Favorites tree will generate access violation error.
10: After open and close a reference window, some operations may lead to access violation error.
11: In the create links window, opening a collection is very slow.
12: If year is included in a fast search, no hit is returned.
13: When accent character and umlauts used in case insensitive advanced searching, no hit is returned.
14: When adding new reference in BiblioWeb, an error message "Query_bib: Field 'BPDeleted' not found" is generated.
15: Drag drop records from folder to folder will not work after importing records.
16: In the notes module, click on the "Comment" button generate an error message.
17: When reference search returns 0 hit, error message may show in some cases.
18: When duplicates are found when importing to a collection, the imported records are not added to the collection.
19: In the Options window, when trying to modify the category table, an error message is shown for exclusive access.
20: When exiting a rich text field, if the content is removed, the field is not cleared.