downloading output styles

Hello Paul,

I accidentally deleted an output style I need. It's for American Antiquity. I clicked on the link provided in the Output Styles window in Biblioscape to find more styles, but the link does not work. I searched online and tried to copy and import the correct .bff file, but that didn't work either. How do I get this style back into my program?


I emailed you the style you

I emailed you the style you need.

problem with output style in Biblioweb

Hello Paul,

Thanks for sending me the American Antiquity output style. Unfortunately, I'm having the same problem with the one you sent as I had with the old version I deleted. When I am in Biblioscape, the output style works well. But when I am in Biblioweb and try to display my marked references in the American Antiquity style, I get the error message:" Exception: Table_bib_main_scan Field " not found". The other output styles work fine in Biblioweb. Because we use American Antiquity style a lot, this is a real problem. What can I do?



hamilt, I am out of town

hamilt, I am out of town this week. I will look into this next Monday. 

Unable to output certain styles in Biblioweb


Hello Paul,

The problem remains: I cannot output marked references in American Antiquity style. I receive the error message "EXCEPTION: Table_bib_main_scan: Field '' not found." Now I can't output to American Anthropologist style either (or even to "Show all HTML"), though all the other styles work fine. When I rebuild the database and Global, the problem is fixed, but soon recurs. Please give some thought to this.