Adding categories

I open an article in its specific reference window to edit its record.

When I select on a child category this is added to the record -- HOWEVER the parent category is also added. Is there a to stop the parent category being added? There is no need to add the parent category as this is identified by B9 automatically.

When I open the general reference window that shows all the records in the folder I can drag the paticular article to a child category and only the child category is added. This is how I get around it. However I would prefer to stay in the specific article window to complete my recording.


Note i set up parent child relationships and rarely use the parent. I do this so I can tag the articles with different type of infomation that are common to all my articles, ie common descriptors eg:
Paper quality
Research population
Topic area
Phenomena studied

All these are set up under one folder in the categories folder. I do this so I can open these items and not open other category folders that relate to particula topic areas. In the categorywindow on the right of the screen, when I right click it goves the folder option -- but I can only open one folder or all category folders. In order to see all my common descriptors and not the other category folders I have structured them in one folder under the Parent-Child relationship mentioned above.

Some users don't want

Some users don't want parents added. Most users want parents to be added. We will keep it the way it works now. Can you let me know why you don't want parents added? How adding parents will hurt the organization. Thanks, Paul