Converted DB from v8 to v9, no users though

I installed version 9 successfully and was able to get the database converted on the install (after changing the database's name to not start with a number), but no users from previous implementation were carried over.

We mostly use the Biblioweb interface to access documents and make changes and I was wondering if all the users needed to be re-added/registered, or if I missed a step during the conversion process?

I sent the following email

I sent the following email to you on last Wed. It seems you didn't reveive the email.

BiblioWeb is rebuilt in version 9. Web user table is now stored with a database instead of one user list for all the databases. User access control is now at folder level instead of at database level. You can define access privilege for all users not logged in (anonymous users). You can also define access privilege for all authenticated users. Since all the new features require a difference table scheme from old versions, the old web user table cannot be converted to version 9. Let me know how complicated is your old web access control, so I can give more suggestions.

Thanks Paul, and not sure

Thanks Paul, and not sure why I didn't get the email. Our system isn't too complicated, so it shouldn't be an issue recreating the users. I appreciate your help.