Static Texts work quite bad

Hi Paul and others,
Well, I would like to describe this error/bug but it seems very strange and very random also (for me). So I have decided to make a video in order you guys can see what's going on when I tried to use different Static Text in the style definitions. Very briefly:

  • I created one special style for my own purpose, in this case I am trying to create SQL statements.
  • For doing this, I add different static texts. If only one is OK, no problem.
  • But when you add two or more the content of one affect the others.
  • This behaivor is completely random, e.g., the first can affect the third or the latests.
  • If you add a New Line element, your Static Texts got crazy and destroy completely the entire style.

As I told, trying to explain this clearly is hard. So I have created the videos and I was thinking to upload them to YouTube but I won't do it. Please guys tell me how can you get them. One of 24Mb and one of 3Mb. This bug is persistent since version 6 but I have never reported it. Nonetheless, I will start to use this a lot and this bug makes me waste a lot of time. And also get angry ;).

On the other hand, not from this forum but anyway. What happened with the administrator mini tool (DBAS) you provide us with other versions. I mean .../tools/dbsys.exe This tool guys is very important for me. I have created almost 50 SQL Scripts that help me to maintain my database clear and almost normalized. Won't you provide this tool any more. What can I do to continue using my scripts? Is still the database engine DBIsam? I will really appreciate information about this.


I am not sure I will call

I am not sure I will call this a bug. The style editor is designed to output Title, Auhors, etc. in a certain format. In those cases, users may need to put static text between two fields. We didn't expect static text will be used continuosly for other purposes like creating a sql statement. I don't know the details of your work, it seems Biblioscape is not designed for it. Biblioscape 9 switched to a new database engine that supports Unicode. We added basic database featuers into the "Options" window. If you need the stand alone tool, please send me an email ( Thanks, Paul

DB Manager

Hi All,
After trying to make a simple query from the stand alone tool (DB Manager) and not to get any result I decided to ask here. In fact, I couldn't even to set-up the Connect Session properly, I always get the following message window:

Could please guys write down a basic steps to set-up the connection and made a simple SQL query from the DB Manager? Could you please focus mainly in the connection parameters? I really don't understand what the problem is. It is obviously related to the user/password but I didn't realize it.

Thanks a lot!!!


As I mentioned before, we do

As I mentioned before, we do not provide support for the db manager tool. It is not made by us. Please see my email. Thanks, Paul


Yes, you did. I forgot it, sorry. If possible I would like to post the solution.

The error was so silly. The tool has two options: ANSI and Unicode, and I was using the ANSI version, that's why the software reported codification errors. So, taking into account the new Biblio version uses the Unicode codification, as Paul says over and over across the forum, just by following the tutorial, setting up the path to the Biblio Data Base and by using the ElevateDB Manager (Unicode) *.exe file the database will connect without any problem. The SQL expressions must be also updated but that's not too hard. You guys must use apostrophe (') instead of quote (") and consider the use of expressions such as "IS Null".

Please let me insist

Hi Paul, please let me insist. I absolutely agree; making SQL stataments is not a function of Biblioscape, but this was just one example. In other cases (even this) in which I have done the same thing by mixing the main fields (Title, Authors, etc.) with Static Text (e.g., my research department insist on use a customized reference style) the problem is the same. If you add more than one Static Text field between other two fields (any field any order), when you edit one of them the other(s) will lose its(their) value. Even, if you add a new one, the others will change its value. I think you could see the videos I prepare for you, or just check what I have described very briefly. If you don't want to see the videos I understand, but trust me, probably call it bug is wrong, but there is a bad behaviour in this field.

I will write the email you suggested, thanks.


I am aware of the problem.

I am aware of the problem. But do you need two static text boxes between two fields? Since they are static text, can you combine them into one?

No I don't, I do not need

No I don't, I do not need it. You are right, it can be joined in one. Once I did that but you re right, it does not make sense. Nonetheless, If you have static text in, for instance, 5th and 9th and 12th position or any position and combination, or if you have more than one static text, when you change one value it will change the others at any time, without any pattern. Moreover, some times the style is completely destroyed if I edit (change) more than one static text. I appreciate you have checked the problem.
No idea of the programming language you use for the software, but once I made some programs on C++, I got a similar problem and the reason was the pointers. So, probably when you edit the style and add more than one static text, the "pointer" assumes the "object" is the same, no idea, just and hypothesis. Also, I think if you add any filed more than once, the behaviour will be the same, I will check it. Of course you will ask me: why would you like to add twice the title, or the authors or others. Well, as you have realized I like to use Biblioscape for many "tricky experiments", for example, create my own reports to upload references to web for different users and profiles.
I hope you can fix this soon, if not, I will be patience, the important thing is you already are aware of the problem. Thanks.

When editing a field in

When editing a field in style editor, Biblioscape will check the field before and after it. As long as it is unique, Biblioscape will make the right changes. If it is not unique, the wrong field will be updated. For normal use, a field sequence is always unique. Thanks, Paul