Unable to use output styles

Hello Paul:

Recently we have been unable to use the Output Styles function in BiblioWeb. Whenever I select my marked references, choose a reference style, and click on Display, I get the error message "Cannot create file C:\Biblioscape 8\Biblioweb\temp_exp.html". Rebuilding the database and rebuilding Global do not help.

As an experiment, I tried to open my database directly in Biblioscape 8 on my server to look at Output Styles, and couldn't even open the database; I received the error message "Cannot create file C:\Biblioscape 8\global\dbReOpen.txt". Then I was unable to close the program except through Task Manager.

Do you have any idea about what is going wrong?

It sounds like Biblioscape

It sounds like Biblioscape and BiblioWeb is not allowed to write files to this directory. Please use file manager to check folder properties and make sure they are not marked as "Read Only".