Internet Module and Browser button crashes...

Dear Paul,

For some reason after updating to and in the latest whenever I press either the Browser button or select the Internet Module of the program it immediately crashes and I get this message:
"Access violation at address 00E42133 in module "Biblioscape.exe". Read of address FFFFFFFE."

After the crash the program remains open, but all the fields go blank (the Project and Record Panes more specifically), except for the ribbon bar, where for some reason the References tab also goes missing! If I close and reopen the program it crashes again on the splash-screen with the same error and same consequences, except that I get a page with Google Scholar operating normally in my Record Panes window, which I cannot use as everything else is missing (again Project Pane is blank, Reference tab is missing).

In order to get it to work again I usually need to create a New Project from the lower status pane. After that when I close the program I get the following set of errors:
"Access violation at address 0065A81A in module "Biblioscape.exe". Write of address 00000059."
"Access violation at address 0076DBA6 in module "Biblioscape.exe". Read of address 000003E0."
The program does not close immediately but keeps reproducing the second message again and again. I then force shut it down vie Task Manager. After this reopening the program brings it back to its normal state and no new project is created or appears in the list.

My system has the following specs:
- Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit.
- IE Version: 9.0.8112.16421
- Firefox Version:
- Chrome Version: 16.0.912.63 m

I hope these help, as the internet module is quite useful for capturing online resources!

Best regards,

I tried to reproduce it in a

I tried to reproduce it in a similar system without success. If there is anyelse having the same problem, please let me know. Please see if you can reproduce after a system reboot. The last resort is to zip everything under "C:\Biblioscape 9\". Upload the zip to a file sharing site. I will download it and run it here to see if I can reproduce it that way.

Hmm...oddly enough rebooting

Hmm...oddly enough rebooting fixed it. Maybe it was caused by the update? Is it generally better to reboot the whole system after updating the application?

Reboot is not needed after

Reboot is not needed after updating. I think it is just a coincidence.