Sorting Issues

For some reason Biblioscape refuses to sort items properly both within the program and when trying to Export or create a Bibliography to print. I have set it to sort based on Authors, Year, Title (default) in a modified Harvard style, but the bibliography sorting comes out irrationally, when an author has many publications and/or of varying types (journal articles, thesis, books, edited books, book chapters, etc). I think the issue is that it doesn't take into account the Year when sorting.

When you just print a

When you just print a bibliography, the sorting order is controlled by what you see in the grid. You can sort the grid by clicking on the column header. To sort by more than one column, hold down the Shift key and click the second column header. When formatting a manuscript, Biblioscape will use the sorting order defined for the style.

Thank you very much Paul.

Thank you very much Paul. The shift key works perfectly for sorting. I was under the impression that the application auto-sorted the database grid based on the style properties. Your clarification sorts things out.


I have the same problem when I shoot bibliography of a list of references