Issue with the ^ (Or) character when applying/editing style appearance & Bibliography Sorting

Hello to everyone,

I have just purchased the new version of Biblioscape and up to now it is excellent. However I do have an issue with the application of styles on references.

When you apply or edit any style and you have Editors or Series Editors or Journal Editors in the reference, when you go to the formatted form of the reference, the (Ed.) suffix shows as such: (Ed.), ^ (Eds.),

Is this is a minor bug of the program not recognizing the ^ (Or) sign from the previous version, or has the ^ (Or) character been replaced with another character? I already noticed that the space character has been replaced by the blank space.

I'm working on Windows 7 64-bit and use Unicode, as I have strange names in the reference list.

In regards to bibliography sorting, when an author has more than one works in one year, shouldn't the program somehow be able to add a suffix to the date to indicate which work is which? It does have this feature for citations, but not for the bibliography list, which is troubling (e.g. how do you know to which work you are pointing to).

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The bug is fixed in

The bug is fixed in Please click the "Update" button to get it. If the same author has more than one paper in the same year, Biblioscape can insert "a", "b", etc. after Year iin the bibliography. Which style did you use?

Thank you!

Thank you for the fix on Editors. It now works perfectly.

I'm using a modified Harvard style, but it is essentially a style independent issue. I could send a screen-shot if that would help, but the forum does not support this function.

What I changed are:
a. Options>Reference Types in order to include Editors, Series Editors, Secondary Series and some other needed fields, but haven't tampered with Authors or Year fields.

b. Also I've edited the Harvard style from the styles editor to accommodate my needs and changed or modified many fields. In this case I changed the field Authors for text after from "." to "," changed the separator for field Authors from "&" to "and" and changed for the field Year the text after from "." to null "", as I prefer to have the "." put before the Title, due to inclusion of the field Edition in between.

I hope these help.

If you want to post a

If you want to post a screenshot here, you can upload your picture to another site. There are lots of sites let you upload graphic files. When you post at the forum, click "disable rich-text" under the text box, and use html "img" tab to include it. For example: <img src="">

Ok, I've selected some of

Ok, I've selected some of the conflicting entries and below you'll find the screen-shots:

A. In my custom-edited Harvard style:

B. In a randomly selected unedited/default ASA style:

When you just generate a

When you just generate a bibliography to print, Biblioscape does not put "a", "b", at the of the year. Only when you format a manuscript, Biblioscape will add "a", "b" to the citation and bibliography when needed.

That's an odd approach to

That's an odd approach to the issue. So I will need to export this bibliography into a document and then format it again with Biblioscape in order to apply the a, b, distinctions? Would it be possible to include the a, b in an update automatically for any bibliography generated? I cannot see the usage of not having it, unless it's an issue of difficulties in coding the feature in.

When the ctation is in

When the ctation is in author-date format, you may have two different records with the same citation like "Smith, 1992". That's why "a" and "b" are need. If you only have a bibliography printout, the title will make them different and the title is always included in a bibliography.

I understand the distinction

I understand the distinction between citation and bibliography and the mode that Biblioscape is using them. And I base my request on that distinction. I am trying to produce a bibliography for my dissertation, which I am writing in Word. I intend to use Biblioscape as a bibliographic database and I will be inserting the citations and their demarcations "a", "b", etc., I do not need the application to do that. But the reader will not be able to distinguish to which work in the dissertation I am pointing to with my citations, if the "a", "b" do not exist in the bibliography, even if it is only intended for a printout.

If you let Biblioscape to

If you let Biblioscape to convert temporary citatins into formatted citations and bibliography, it can insert "a", "b", etc. correcly. If you want to enter citations manually and just use Biblioscape to generate the bibliography, you have to manually add "a", 'b", etc.

Agreed...I simply assigned

Agreed...I simply assigned another text field to use for such demarcations and it works well thanks to the custom-sorting of styles. Thank you for the advice. :)