Setting up BiblioWeb

I'm looking to set up the BiblioWeb module. Can I install Biblioscape on a Windows server like To allow others access to the web database, do they need a copy of Biblioscape on their computer, or just a password from me? Asking these questions before I take the time to set things up. Goal is to make the database we have put together available to a wider audience. If everyone who wants access needs their own copy of Biblioscape, this won't work.

You can install Biblioscape

You can install Biblioscape on a Windows server. I am not familar with the provider you mentioned. But if they allow you to access the server through remote desktop and let you install Biblioscape, it will be fine. You can then run BiblioWeb server there. Other users can then access Biblioscape database through a web browser.

browsers that work with Biblioscape web

Can Biblioscape web be accessed with IE, Chrome and Firefox and Safari?

Sorry, found answer to the

Sorry, found answer to the above:
BiblioWeb is compatable with the following web browsers:

Internet Explorer 7 or later
Firefox 3 or later
Safari 3 or later
Google Chrome
iPhone or iPod Touch (landscape mode)
Android phones (landscape mode)