Migration from v8 to v9 -- Comprehensive listing of how to do?

Hi Paul,

I have been experimenting with v9 since it was released, with a copy of my working database converted to v9's format and other tweaks made to accommodate settings or customizations I had in v8. My daily work is done in v8, so when I make the final transition to v9 I will need to delete the experimental and now outdated v9 version of my database, will probably uninstall and reinstall v9, and start from scratch with a conversion of my up-to-date v8 database. (The ref types, styles, etc. may now be out of whack from my experiments with v9).

I kind of dread this, because I can't remember all the tweaks that were necessary to get everything running as I had it in v8. There are a lot of good pointers and solutions in this forum for doing that; however, they are thoroughly dispersed among a lot of topics in many of the forum sections. And of course many of those who are doing the update to v9 have custom setups in v8 and face the same needs.

So my question ...

Would you consider making a sticky (always on top) topic in the Support/General section, how-to listing all of the tweaks that may be needed when migrating from v8 to v9? It would be very helpful to have a comprehensive listing, all in one place.

-- Larry

1. Database: copy your old

1. Database: copy your old database folder to a new place and work on the copy. So if there is something went wrong, you still have the old database intact. In version 9, click the "Open" button under the "Home" Ribbon tab "Database" section. The conversion process can take hours if you have tens of thousands records. It is a good idea to do this at dinner time. You need to click the prompt button and lots of waiting time.

2. Reference typs: If you have Biblioscape 8 and want to keep using your custom reference types, you can simply copy all the files under "reftypes" folder from v8 to v9. For custom reference type from earlier versions, you can go to the "Options" window in Biblisocape 9, select the "Reference Types" tab, click the "Actions" button and select "Migrate custom reference types from earlier versions".

3. Custom settings. Since version 9 database engine is changed to support Unicode, custom settings table cannot be copied from earlier versions. Because the change in UI, lots of those settings are irrelevant anyway.