Biblioscape release

Biblioscape version is now available. To get this update, please run Biblioscape and click the "Update" button under the "Home" Ribbon tab. Google scholar changed their display format causing Biblioscape google scholar search not working. This update has fixed this problem.

New features:

*New: Import and Export features are added to the popup menu of borrowers, lender, and supplier list in the library module.
*New: When taking a note from a refernce, the categories of the current reference will be auto-assigned to the new note.
*New: Natural citation is no longer limited to File_as field. User can type anything to uniquely identify a record in the form of [#Smith 2001 synthesis]
*New: Double click a category in the "Tags" tab will now open the category in a new window with all tagged records shown.
*New: A popup menu "Switch" is added to the tags list. User can switch from one module to another and find all the records tagged by the current category in the other module.
*New: Users can now select multiple references, notes and tag them by clicking the category check box in the Tags pane.
*New: Spell checking is added to the note taking window when adding a note from the reference module.
*New: Added "Expand All" and "Collapse All" to the notes, tasks, charts, and categories module popup menu.
*New: Incremental search and case insensitive sorting are added to the lookup table.
*New: Rebuild lookup index popup menu is added to the references and notes module lookup table.
*New: Journal name editor is added. It can be accessed from the Action popup menu on the styles window.
*New: When opening an older version database, users can now quit the conversion process and do a backup first.
*New: After selecting a categories folder from the "Tags" pane by right clicking popup menu, a radio checkbox will be shown before the selected folder.
*New: Enter ISBN number in the reference quickadd box. If Bibliosacpe find the book, click the "Open" button to import it into Biblioscape.
*New: The old "Library of Congress" import filter no longer works because of changed display format. An update import filter is available:
*New: Import filters are made for AGRICOLA ( web based Books and Articles databases. Import filter for the "Books" database: Import filter for the "Articles" database:

Bug fixes:

*Bug: Import references with long authors will generate an error.
*Bug: Some corrupted style can make Biblioscape hang when user switch to the "Formatted" tab.
*Bug: Style selection on the Ribbon bar is not updated after closing the styles window.
*Bug: When re-open a notes, tasks, charts, categories collection, the cursor does not jump to the last selected record.
*Bug: Dragging notes to a notes collection converted from a composition project does not work.
*Bug: When user's system date setting for shortformat uses character for month, Biblioscape generates an error.
*Bug: When opening an earlier version database with an apostrophe in the database name, an "Invalid database idendifier" error will be generated.
*Bug: After multiple records selection tagging is enabled, check off a tag no longer works.
*Bug: Folder opening speed is improved.
*Bug: After searching, sometimes the Read tab is not updated for the notes modules.
*Bug: When drag drop category in the "Tags" pane, the process is very slow with flickering.
*Bug: The default font and size for new notes does not work.
*Bug: When exporting Z39.50 connection file, "Access violation" error is produced.
*Bug: When importing references, the Keywords field data may not be imported.

Purchase Problems-URGENT

I have been writing sales@biblioscape for 5 days with no reply. Last Wednesday, July 25th, at 10.40 AM my time, I tried to purchase an educational version of biblioscape for US$ 499,00. I filled in SWREG form with an EDU email that I had recently requested, specifically for this purchase. I received a confirmation message from the university saying that my nw institutional email would be

Because my university is on strike. It took them until Friday to actually connect me with the new email.

I never received a registration key, instructions or an invoice, which is extremely important to me since I am purchasing with grant funds and have to report.

I have been writing biblioscape since last Wednesday asking you to confirm the purchase via my usual email ( and no one replies. My institutional email is also now in operation.

Invoice name May Waddington Telles Ribeiro-Universal CNPQ

Credit Card belongs to a friend and I need to reimburse him, but since we don´t know if the purchase went through or not, I can´t do it. We checked his credit card account but manager says it can still come through. Can someone PLEASE reply?

What should I do?

May Waddington Telles Ribeiro

May Waddington Telles

May Waddington Telles Ribeiro, your order didn't go through the ordering process. Nothing is charged. Thanks, Paul