Google Scholar not working but pubmed is fine

I cannot find any results with google scholar but pubmed is fine. I had no problems with version 8 on the same machine.
Version 8 was on drive d
version 9 is on drive c

Google Scholar and Quick Add not working

the modules "Online Search / Google Scholar" and "Quick Add" don't work properly, without results . What might be happening? My current version is

I have, both

I have, both quickAdd and Google Scholar search work. Please let me know what search term did you use?

Google Scholar not working but pubmed is fine

I put a single string "Earnings" with and without quotation marks.

Google Scholar not working but pubmed is fine

Have you identified the error? I wait for your reply.

I just tested "Earnings"

I just tested "Earnings" with and it added a record. If this is not the record you want to add, you can click the "Internet" button. Select google scholar as the source, do a search and click the "Import into BibTeX" link.

Google scholar changed their

Google scholar changed their display format recently. This problem has been fixed in Biblioscape release. Please click the "Update" button under the "Home" Ribbon tab to get it. Thanks, Paul

Google Scholar

Still not working... Creates access violation on exit

Please let me know the

Please let me know the detailed step by step instruction to reproduce this. Thanks, Paul

google scholar

1. on line search
2. Web in Google scholar enter string (e.g. Serres)
3. result in "No data to report" [The same with any string]
4. Exit Biblioscape
5. Access violation at address 005E41D0 in module Bibloscape.exe Read at address 00000278


The same issue___________

Previously I've reported on the same issue (see Since that report the behavior of the web search has not been changed. Now I have the same address violation, as Shlomo. Neither GS, no PubMed search works. I use Biblioscape on 3 PCs, 2 with Windows XP, one with W 7 installed. Language is Russian on all machines. BS rel.

Please click the "About"

Please click the "About" button to make sure you have version I just tried searching google scholar with the string "Serres" and it works fine.

I do have version

I do have version

Can you try it again. I

Can you try it again. I cannot reproduce it with Let's see if others report the same problem. What is your system language setting? Thanks, Paul

It doesn't work though it

It doesn't work though it worked in the previous version of Google Scholar.
My language setting is Hebrew

I believe the problem is

I believe the problem is caused by language settings. But I tried to set my computer "Regional and Language Options" to reproduce this without success. I changed the "Formats" to "Hebrew (Israel)". Changed the "Location" to "Israel". Changed the "System locale" to "Hebrew (Israel)" under "Administrative". I tried google scholar search, it still works. So there must be something I didn't change that caused the problem. If you have access to an English Windows, can you install Biblioscape trial there and see if google scholar search works. You can also play around with your computers settings to see if you can make it work. Thanks, Paul

Language related problems?

I am not sure, that the issue is related with language settings. As I reported, in the beginning of Biblioscape 9 testing I had not such a problem, at least on PC with Win XP. But after a number of application runs the problem appeared. So I can correct language settings on any among machine and try to perform the search.

I cannot reproduce this. Can

I cannot reproduce this. Can you give me a detailed description so I can try to reproduce it again? Thanks, Paul

Deep cause of trouble

Recently I've reinstall Windows 7 after upgrade of my PC. After installation I tried the web search in BS. I was surprised, that the web search works properly:

But after second launch of BS the previous error repeated:

It's very pity, that I did not make a system snapshot before and after BS runs. In that case it may by possible to reveal the cause of this bug.

I cannot reproduce this. I

I cannot reproduce this. I guess this may be related to localized version of Windows. Do you get this error message right after you press the Enter key for search?
You can send me an email to see if it is possible use remote desktop to diagnoze this problem.


The error happens on quiting the application, exactly as Shlomo reported below. Sure, I'll send you Email, what is your email address? Regards.

My email is

My email is We have just made version available. Please click Update button to get it and try the online search one more time. Let me know if you still get the same problem. Thanks, Paul

All works properly!!

Dear Chen. Indeed, it is very strange, but after launching QuickAdd the web search starts to work as needed.

Thank you for your help.

I also don't understand

I also don't understand this. I don't see a connection between them. But I am happy to hear everything works now.

Indeed, it's strange.....

Strange things sometimes happen in our life... The behavior of BS is one of such ones. Anyhow now all works and we all are very glad :)

Web search

Unfortunately, in the bug repeats:

It's interesting, that this error window appears as many times as I press Run web search button.
The Z3950 search works, as always, perfectly.
Paul, I'll send you email in nearest future.


Dear friends! Sorry, it is not my joke, but the bug of Regards.

Google search

After The problem is still there

Do you get the same problem

Do you get the same problem when doing a QuicKAdd instead of Online Search?

Google search

Quick add works fine

Google search

I Get the same error message when exit BS, after trying to online search


The Google search is now working fine (
Thank for the all efforts