v9 loses track that I have registered

I have purchased and registered v9 in order to track its development progress and eventually migrate over using v8 in my daily work.

I made the purchase when I was alerted that I had 9 uses left in the v9 trial version, several updates ago. Of course I registered the serial number immediately, and have played with v9 a bit over recent weeks. Today I loaded the current update that I had (, and a pop-up told be that I have 8 uses left in the trial version. So, somehow Biblioscape forgot that I had registered the serial number.

Just now I did an update (the current version is now and reregistered my serial number. So, two points here:

1. Something is amiss, with Biblioscape not retaining registration information over time (several weeks in this case), and

2. Users are not notified when an update is available. The only way is to manually click the update button. There had been seven updates since I last updated, even though I have loaded Biblioscape every few days. And I would not have known that the update is available unless I had been prompted to check for it because of the lost registration problem.

1. There is a registration

1. There is a registration bug that causes reverting to trial in some very rare situations. This bug has been fixed. 2. By default Biblioscape checks for new update after 50 sessions. You can change this by going to the "Options" window.