The order of appearance of categories at folder level in the category pane

In the right category pane, all the categories of different folders are all listed by default.

Here is a minor problem.
We cannot control the order to list categories at "category folder" level.
For example, when we are working on a field which is represented by a category folder, we usually want to list all its categories at the first part in the category pane. So we can easily move the interested categories into sight by simply scrolling up. If these categories are listed in the middle part of the pane, we usually need to careful control the scrolling bar.

So it is better to list the categories at folder level according to the folder name. So we can change the name of a folder to first list its categories.

As the category folders are listed according to their name in the pop-up menu under "Folder", it will be better to make these two consistent.

Thanks for your recent effort to make category module better and more powerful.

For techinical reasons, the

For techinical reasons, the categories cannot be sorted by folder name. Otherwise they will not be editable. Thanks, Paul