Ribbon maximization/minimization

Paul, would it be possible to add this feature for operation of the ribbon menu? I generally want operate with the ribbon menu minimized, since it takes so much vertical space on the screen (and I have a wide format screen with less than normal vertical space). Can the ribbon operation be changed so that during a mouse-over of the minimized menu it expands to maximized, until the mouse is moved away from the ribbon area (which then again becomes minimized)?

This would be very helpful.

Larry, we will not

Larry, we will not implement this. Ribbon interface is a Microsoft standard. It should behave the same way so users will ge the same experience. Thanks, Paul

Sorry, but Microsoft ribbons

Sorry, but Microsoft ribbons do allow minimization as a standard. Just open any office application. There is a little arrow top right. By your own logic you should have this implemented.

Biblioscape allows this too

Biblioscape allows this too if you double click any Ribbon tab. This is a standard way. What Larry wants is to minimize it without clicking.

Aha. I see. Thanks. Did not

Aha. I see. Thanks. Did not know about the double-click. Enough for me....