Two further improvements on the categories

Hi Paul,
It will be better if the following two features about categories in V9 could be improved.

1, Moving a category from one category folder to another in the "All categories" mode
If we try to move a category from "folder A" to "folder B", V9 now actually make the selected category the first category of "folder A". It is better to directly move the category into "folder B". That means the category is indeed moved into "folder B". So we can organize the categories here. The biggest advantage is that we can directly see all the categories in the database here. So we know which place is best for a category. This operation is quite helpful when we start to learn a new topic or to do a new project. In these cases, we usually want to quickly put some closely related categories together, which however may be located in different folders.

2, The slow speed of organizing categories
In the category pane, if we try to re-organize the categories, we usually need to do the following two tasks.
Task A: try to make a category appear after or before another category by dragging and dropping.
Task B: Similarly, we can also make a category to be a child category of another category.

The problem is that the speed for "Task A" is quite slow. For a database with about 20 categories, it takes about 6 seconds to finish one operation in my Laptop with a CPU of 2.6GHz. The time quickly grows with the number of categories in the database. In my case, I have about 300 categories in four folders.
It will take about several minutes to finish one operation. The mouse cursor keeps flashing and the vertical scrollbar of the category pane keeps slowly moving.

So the algorithm for "Task A" needs to be optimized.

For "Task B", it works much better. It usually can be finished in ten seconds for my database with about 300 categories. In most cases, it only takes about several seconds.

Thanks again and
Happy new year!


I am not sure what can be

I am not sure what can be done regarding issue 1. But issue 2 has to be fixed. Because it is close to the new year, it may take more than a week to fix this. Thanks, Paul

The issure 1: moving categories between two folders

What I am requesting is a feature like this. We can organize the categories across different folders in the "all-categories" mode in the right category pane, simply by dragging and dropping.

That means we can select a category in one folder and put it before another category in a different folder. See an example in the figure below.
обмен картинками

Also we can make a category to be a child-category of another category in a different folder.

An old version of V9 can achieve this in the category pane. But the problem is that the category is not physically moved into another folder. So the category data are soon become inconsistent, because different categories shown in the same folder may belong to different folders. Later, new V9 avoid the moving categories between two different folders in the "All Categories" mode.

To move categories between two different folders is a very powerful and convenient way to organize the whole categories in the database. So it is better to bring this feature back. But V9 needs to really move one category into another folder, if the operation involves two different folders.

Hope this clarifies the issue 1.

Happy New Year!

We cannot support drag and

We cannot support drag and drop between folders. You have to go to the categories module to do that. Paul

Would be important to show

Would be important to show that categories belong to different folders then, even in the flat All Categories list. Maybe by giving them different color and a textual label?

The first categories in the

The first categories in the latter folder is shown in light green. You may find more information about categories in this post.

This is not sufficient it

This is not sufficient it seems to me (I have read your article already, thanks, very useful). What if I want to see All Categories in alphabetical order (most common, surely? or at least essential from time to time)? The highlight on the first category does not make sense then and - trying it now - is not even displayed. This is also true if I sort them in other ways by clicking on the column names in the Tags tab.

By the way, how can one remove this sorting once applied? I do not see an option to do it.


1. To display the folder ID

1. To display the folder ID column, click the right mouse button and select "Folder | Toggle Folder ID Column".

2. To remove sorting, hold down the Ctrl key and click the column header again.