library of congress import

loc import stopped working a few months ago - i get some data, but no author or title from a 'capture full record' command.


LOC Capture Reference

same question from last month - trying to use LOC Capture in v.9 get a SCRIPT ERROR and it just doesn't work. what is the method that works? the internet pages get captured as NOTES but this doesn't import them into my database ...

Did you get the lastest

Did you get the lastest impor filter for LOC as indicated in the last post of this thread?

can't capture anymore LOC

using newly purchased version 9, can't seem to capture from LOC anymore - also don't know how to do it now, the interface is different. where are the instructions for this action?

Library of Congress changed

Library of Congress changed their display format slightly. For example, they changed "Main Title:" to "Main title:". You can find the updaed import filter at

Click the right mouse button on top of the above link and select "Save target as...". Save it on your hard drive. In Biblioscape, go to import filters window and click Import.

We have just released Biblioscape version 9. In version 9, you can search library of congress the old way, or you can click the "Online Search" button. Select the tab "Z39.50" and find "Library of Congress". Run your search, Biblioscape will automatically capture your search results into the "Oneline Search" folder.

z39.50 search online search not working

can't make this feature work - but this is why i purchased an upgrade. are there instructions somewhere? i get no results, and if i use the old method i get 0 records imported ...

I just tried LOC search

I just tried LOC search using Z39.50 and it works. Please let me know what is your search term. I will try again.

import filters

getting error message 'out of memory' when using this new filter for the LOC - any ideas

Please let me know the

Please let me know the detailes steps to reproduce this. Thanks, Paul

library of congress import

get 'out of memory' error ... not sure why.

out of memory

followed your instructions, now try to import data from LOC online with the new filter, get out of memory error each time.

If you have version 9,

If you have version 9, please get the import filter at