Hebrew problems


I created new reference types: Hebrew Book and Hebrew Journal.
I found two problems with Hebrew references (I guess Arabic too):
1. 'Fast search' in Hebrew returns nothing. Advanced search works well.
2. In the 'Formatted' tab in references view, a Hebrew reference shows left aligned and the order of words is from left to right (instead of right aligned and word order right to left). However, "Copy Formatted" works fine. In previous versions viewing worked fine.

Any solution? I would have thougt that UTF support would take care of such problems.


1. Fast Search uses the

1. Fast Search uses the full text index which uses space character to separate words. If a language doesn't use space to separate words, Biblisocape cannot build the full text index and users have to use advanced search instead.

2. I don't know the language. So it is hard for me to test it. Could this be related to the font used? Are the text in the Read tab displayed correctly? The Formatted tab uses Times New Roman to display formatted bibliography. You can change that in the Options window.


1. Hebrew does use spaces to separate words of course.

2. I did play around with various fonts, but no use.
In the Read tab, some elements are displayed correctly, but for example the Secondary title words come out in reverse, i.e. the letters are the wrong order. No consistency.

To give you a clue, when I checked back in Version 8, there was an option in Tools/options Format Manuscript tab for international users. When I choose there 177 Hebrew character set, all works fine. I guess you removed this because of the UTF 8 support. See if this is an alley you can use to solve the problem.


1. The space character

1. The space character in Hebrew may be different from the one used in western languages. So the full text indexer cannot separate words.

2. The rich text control used in Biblioscape does not support right to left languages. In version 8, unicode is not supported, you can only display one foreign language correctly.

Space character

The space character in Hebrew is the regular space character (hex 20).

Yehuda N. Falk
Associate Professor of Linguistics
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Thank you for letting me

Thank you for letting me know. I cannot figure out why the full text indexed search does not work. When I select text, I don't know where to start and stop.


Thanks Paul.

Without right to left language support Biblioscape 9 is not suitable for a multitude of scholars working with Arabic and Hebrew.
I guess I'll have to look elsewhere.