A short review of categories in Biblioscape 9

The category in biblioscape is quite a flexible and powerful way to organize the references or other information such as notes. A category could be used to represent a topic or a project we are working on. One reference may be relevant to different topics, and could be assigned to different categories. In addition, the V9 now can easily switch among different modules through categories. The category could be used as a natural and a universal way to organize all information in V9.

In this short review, I will write some stuff about categories from basis to more advanced level according to my own experience.
Hopefully, this could do some help to users who are not familiar with categories in biblioscape.

1 Create, edit and organize categories

A category is stored in a category folder shown in the left project pane. We can create many category folders to represent different fields for example. For each of category folder, we can create many categories. These categories are organized in a hierarch tree. We can organize them by dragging and dropping with the help of mouse.
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2 Categorize the references by checkboxes or drag and drop way

Each time, you can select one or multiple references for categorizing.
To associate the references with a particular category, the standard way in Biblioscape is to drag and drop them above the category.

Now in V9, it put a checkbox (a square) ahead of each category. Then we can directly assign categories to the selected references by clicking on the checkboxes. The checkboxes of categories associated with the selected references will be displayed in orange color.
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3 Two display modes: All categories and Folder mode

We could have many categories stored in different category folders. In the category pane on the right, we can have two modes to display the categories.

a, All Categories: All the categories in the database are listed.
The first category of the latter folder is colored in light green, to distinguish categories in different folders.

b, Folder mode: We can choose to only list the categories of one particular category folder.
We first need to right click on the category pane, and choose "Folder" at the bottom. Then we can choose one category folder among all folders which are listed below the "All Categories".
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4 Automatically categorize notes

We can take many notes in Biblioscape. When the number of notes growing large, it is difficult to organize them by folders. A good choice is to organize the notes using the categories. In V9, you can organize the notes automatically at the time when you create a note about a reference.
The categories associated with the current reference are also assigned to this note by default.
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5 Switch among reference and other modules such as note module

When we are reading some reference which are retrieved by a category, we may particularly want to read the notes or other information related to this category. Now we can use "switch" to retrieve the contents associated with the current category.
First right click on the category pane and choose "Switch", then choose the module your want to go.
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6 Search categories

The number of categories could become very large, particularly after a long time use. Then when we create a category, we may wonder whether there are some similar existing categories. If there are already some similar ones, we may use them or try to merge some similar existing categories. The search in these cases is helpful. Please see the following figure for the detailed information.
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7 Summary

Actually, after we create the category folders, most of the other operations on the categories can be done in the right category pane.
Drag and drop categories by mouse could organize the categories. All the other commands are hidden in the pop up menu triggered by right click.

Thank you for writing this

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