How do I transfer settings between Biblioscape 8 and 9?

I've been using Biblioscape 8 for a while and I've customized it in various ways. I've greatly modified one of the output styles, Bluebook, to add various reference types. I've got a long list of journal names and abbreviations. I've created some of my own report formats. I've added reference types to the reference module and edited others. I've created new link relationships. Is there an easy way to get all this to transfer over? Some files it looks like I can just copy over, like the text files link_relationship.txt, reftypes.txt and any new/edited reference types in /reftypes. But for others (e.g. Format.BLB and Format.DAT for output styles) that doesn't look like it will work. Here are my specific questions:

Is there any way to copy, or import, a modified bibliographic output style (for example, my modified Bluebook style) in Biblioscape 9 without recreating the entire thing?

Is the Reports function gone? I do not see a /reports folder any more. How can I print out a list of references, and is there any way to customize that list? I see the print button, but it looks like it prints the entire reference record, which is often going to be more than I need.

I see that some versions of the Journal.* and journal_name.* files are in Biblioscape 9, but I don't see a journal name/abbreviation editor anywhere. Is there one? Is there a way to import my existing list?

Thanks for your help!

There are not new fields

There are not new fields introduced to the reference table in Biblioscape version 9. So you can simply copy all the files from your version 8 "reftypes" folder to the 'reftypes" folder of version 9.

For custom styles, you can go to the style editor in version 8, export your style and import it into the style editor in version 9.

The reports feature is removed. Instead you can create a custom style and click the "Bibliography" button and select the style you made. You can then print from there.

The journal name editor will be added later.


OK thanks. Re: 1 and 2,

OK thanks. Re: 1 and 2, that's good to hear. Re: 3, I'll try making new output styles for print-outs; frankly I didn't create too many report formats because it was a little hard to use. Re: 4, will a journal name editor be in the next update or is it a longer-term project than that? I've typed in the full names of the journals in my references and I use the journal-abbreviations editor when I output them because the citation format I use (Bluebook) keeps changing the abbreviation rules every few years. I wouldn't want to have to go in and edit each reference to put in an abbreviation, particularly if it might change someday.

The journal name editor will

The journal name editor will be added in one of the updates soon. Thanks, Paul