05 Oct 09 is not a valid date and time

I am currently evaluating Biblioscape
I live in Israel and here we use the DD-MM-YY date format.
With this format, every time I move from one reference to the next, I get the error message "XXXX is not a valid date and time".

If I change the computer settings to the American system MM-DD-YY then everything works fine, except that this is not an option I can live with.
Is there a fix for this problem?
I noticed a similar post from someone in New Zealand, and you stated in your reply that this will be fixed in release Obviously this has not been fixed, or else my problem is different.


Not a valid date

When trying to link a reference to another reference, I got an exception saying: "'13-Sep-17' is not a valid date."
When reading posts of users with a similar problem, the solution was to press the update button. Alas, I have already the most recent version.
What should I do?

Eric, the problem is caused

Eric, the problem is caused by a bug which will be fixed in a minor  upgrade later. It happens when characters is used in Windows short date format like "13-Sep-17". You can change Windows short date format as a temporary fix.

Danny, I set my computer

Danny, I set my computer regional setting to Hebrew (Israel) and I cannot reproduce this bug. Can you zip all the files under your database and email me the zip? Let me know which record to go to. Which style is selected. I will see if I can reproduce it with your database. Thanks, Paul (support@biblioscape.com)

invalid date and time


This happens with the sample database that comes with Biblioscape, so I don't see much point in sending you this. It happens with all styles (I tried randomly 20 styles).

In the references tab, I see all 33 records, and I simply move from one to the next with either the mouse or with the up/down arrows. Every time I move, the error message comes up.
I am sending you a screen capture by mail.


This problem happens when

This problem happens when user's system short date format uses character instead of number for the month data. This bug is fixed, please get version by clicking the "Update" button under the "Home" Ribbon tab. Thanks, Paul

invalid date

Thanks Paul, took care of the problem!