Custom order in Project Panel

I miss the ability in the project panel to change the ordering of folders and collections by dragging or by keystrokes (e.g. ctrl+shift+up) and the ability to rename folders and collections by right clicking on the mouse. Could these features be added to version 9.

Both can be done in version

Both can be done in version 9.

Re-ordering: Drag a project item to another one, move the mouse cursor on top of the project icon of the drop item wait for the cursor icon change to up or down blue arrow. Now drop the project item, it will be placed before or after the drop item. Before doing this, make sure your project tree is not sorted. If it is sorted by a column, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the column header to unsort.

Rename: Select a project item and click the right mouse button to select "Properties". Rename your project and click "OK". 


Thanks. I had missed the information about removing the sort. Works nicely.
Dr. Robert Masson