A category with child child categories

Paul, if we click on a parent category with many child categories, the V9 will retrieve all the references associated with this category and also its child categories.

It is better to only retrieve the references associated with one category if we only click on this category. Otherwise the parent category is not useful because of the so many listed references. Most of them maybe come from its child categories.


Most users want to include

Most users want to include searching child categories by default because of the parent-child relationship they build. If you want to exclude child categories, please click the right mosue button and select "Search - Excluding child tags". That will do what you want. Thanks, Paul

The setting in V9 now is not

The setting in V9 now is not convenient for users who want to "search -Excluding child tags".
Each time we need to right click and choose this option. Otherwise, the V9 will use "search - including child tags".
Is it possible to let V9 remember the user's choice?
For example, if a user choose the "sear-Excluding child tags", then next time v9 will use this option when we click on a category.

After restart the biblioscape, V9 should also remember the choice.
This will be convenient for all users who may use categories in different ways .


We will wait for more

We will wait for more feedback. Most users having a true parent-child relationship categories tree want to include child categories during search. Other popular applications with similar feature also include child categories. If more users want to have an option, we will add it in future release. Thanks, Paul

Is it quite difficult to

Is it quite difficult to make default click behavior optional? In most cases, only some articles are useful for a topic, which may be organized into one tag with some child tags. The current default behavior of click on tag retrieve all articles which is not useful.

One most advantage of this software is the implementation of tags. Why use such bad behavior to weak the power of tags?

Please do consider the cases when a user has hundred of tags, with possible several thousands references.

A better choice is to make the behavior optional to users.

In version 11, we will make

In version 11, we will make it easy to run both type of searches. If you hold down the Shift key when double click a tag, the child will not be included.

Ok, I still find the default

Ok, I still find the default search including Child tags is not a good ideal.

As I mentioned before, only a few articles are useful and important for a certain topic represented by a tag.
To including all articles including child tags makes thinks mess and useless. That's maybe the reason I seldomly use biblioscape this year.

Please do consider users who have serveral thousands references which are organized into about hundred tags.
In such case, to select some important or interesting articles by a tag is important.

I would suggest users can change the default behavior when clicking tags.