Biblioscape version release

Biblioscape version is now available. To get this update, please run Biblioscape and click the "Update" button under the "Home" Ribbon tab.

New features:
1. Links list customization is now remembered between sessions.
2. Search pane width is now remembered between sessions.
3. In the reference editor, users can use html code for bold (<b>...</b>), italic (<i>...</i>), underline (<u>...</u>), superscript (<sup>...</sup>), and subscript (<sub>...</sub>) to format text.
4. A new tab "Acrobat" is added in the reference editor "Record" pane. Adobe Acrobat PDF reader is used to display a PDF file. Users can select and copy PDF text under this tab which is not possible under the "PDF" tab.

Bug fixes:
1. Some old Smart Collections from earlier versions of Biblioscape databases do not work.
2. Problems fixed when importing and exporting styles or import filters.