Firefox Compatablility and URL links to files

Some of the records in my biblioscape library have URLs that link to local files. For instance I have record in which the URL is listed as file:///H:/LIBRARY/ElectronicLibrary/NIJ/ResInAct/100756.pdf

The H: drive is a shared network drive on our network. When I open the record using Bscape locally or remotely I can click on the link icon and my machine will open the file. However, using Biblioweb makes opening the file browser dependent. If I am using IE (IE6) and click on the URL field of a record, the browser opens the file. When I use Firefox (FF1.5.0.7) nothing happens when I click on the URL even though the pointy-hand-cursor displays when I mouse over the URL. I know FF is capable of displaying the file because I can copy and paste the URL into FF and open the file that way. I would like to give all users point and click availability if I can.

I realize this may be FF tweak rather than a Bscape or B-web issue. Just thought I would pick your brains

When you mouse over the url

When you mouse over the url in firefox, what is displayed in the status bar?

It shows the url

The status bar is the line at the bottom of the browser, right? It shows the URL as it looks in the parent post whether the record is open in FF or IE. But the link only works in IE.

I looked at some other records with URLs and it looks like local files with other extensions (.html, .doc) behave the same way. However, properly formed urls of non-local files ( seem to open well in both FF and IE.

It seems FF and IE treats

It seems FF and IE treats local file link differently. I don't think we can do anything. I haven't experimented with FF.