Biblioscape version release

Biblioscape version is now available. To get this update, please run Biblioscape and click the "Update" button under the "Home" Ribbon tab.

New features:
1. Under the "Categories" tab, users can now click the right mouse button and select "Folder". All the categories folders will be listed. Users can select one of the listed folders, so only categories under that folder will be shown in the categories tree.
2. Under the "Categories" tab, a single click on a category item will trigger Biblioscape to run a search and list all records tagged by that category. In earlier releases, a double click is required instead.

Bug fixes:
1. Database restore does not work if there is a space character in the database name.
2. In the references module, unformatting a RTF file may not work properly if there are graphics in the document.
3. In the notes module, when doing advaced search, entering the search string in some languages (Chinese, Cyrillic, etc.) does not generate the correct hits.
4. In the notes module, under the "Composition" tab, when the checkbox "Preserve Formatting" is checked, it does not take effect until the folder is reopened.

When running programs under Windows, I always find the borders of the program window is too large and ugly. If you prefer a thin border, you can right click on your Windows desktop and select "Personalize". To show the "Advanced Appearance" window, the steps are different under Windows Vista and Windows 7.
For Windows Vista, click "Windows Color and Appearance", click "Open classic appearance properties...", and click "Advanced...". 
For Windows 7, click "Window Color" at the bottom, click "Advanced appearance settings...".

Now, select "Border Padding" under the "Item" combobox, and change the size from 4 (default) to 0 and click "OK".

The upgrade doesn't install

When I click "Update" at the Ribbon: "Download update files?", "Yes".
Then the application asks: "Shutdown application to update executable files?", "Yes".
After shutdown, nothing happens.
When a restart the application, it keeps the release.
ps: Windows Vista

It's the same with me. Paul

It's the same with me. Paul you understand me now? My operating system Windows Seven.

After some testing I see, that new subrelease in fact is a significant step forward......

Clarification on Composition module

I have not tried version 9 yet but just wanted a clarification on what happened to it in version 9. This is one of my favorite features in version 7 and 8 and thus important to. It seems to me from what I have seen on the site that the composition module has been merged into the "Notes" module. Is this correct?

We moved all the features

We moved all the features from the old composition module into the notes module. The old composition project is basically a notes collection. Instead of forcing users to drag notes from a folder to a collection, we made all the features available to notes module itself. Users can now compile notes from a folder, a collection, or from search results.

Not installing. Download and

Not installing. Download and after calls to close the program, but then continues on the same version. Does not automatically restart the program. The help file is already updated?

Can you try it again? I

Can you try it again? I cannot reproduce this.

Problem solved. I downloaded

Problem solved. I downloaded the latest version. And the help file? It is up to date?

Yes, it is an updated help

What is the problem regarding the update? Yes, it is an updated help file.