Some problems about the version 9 compare to bibliocape 8

I just test the version The UI interface is attracting. I really want to update to version 9.

However, compare to Biblioscape 8, the version 9 lack the following features which are useful.
1, duplicate references are blocked when importing in Biblioscape 8.

Version 8 has an option for "import", that is "Check for duplicate while importing".
This feature allow us to avoid duplicate reference at beginning.
If this feature is not implemented when importing, we may waste time working on the duplicate references.

2, The Category function is not so powerful. Particularly, the following features are missing.

A), It will be much easier to retrieve references associated with a category using "one left click" of the mouse which is implemented in Biblioscape 8.

Biblioscape 9, however, use the double click which is much more difficult and not convenient.

B), Can not move the categories from one "category folder" to another.
In bib 8, user can move one category to another "category folder" by pressing left button, then moving the mouse, and finally releasing the button.
This feature allows us to organize the categories.

C), All categories are shown in the right pane.
It is better to shown the categories according to their folders as that in Biblioscape 8. This will allow us to organize the references by categories. It will be better to have a drop-down list box such as in Biblioscape 8, with which we can change the "category folder".

D), When create new category, Bib 9 does not verify whether the category is already existed or not.
If this feature is not implemented, we may create many categories with the same name. In turn, the database will soon become confusing.

Hope that these features will be back to Biblioscape 9.

Reference duplicate

Reference duplicate checking during import takes too much time. It is disabled in version 9. Duplicate checking in version 9 is improved. User can see both records side by side and copy data from one record to another. It is a better way to do it this way.

A. In the next update, single click will retrieve tagged records.

B. Drag categories to another folder is availablein version 9. I do not understand this issue. Please elaborate.

C. In the next update, user can click the right mouse button and select a single categories folder or choose to show all categories.

D. In the next update, user will be prompted when a duplicate category is added.



Hi Paul. In your replies in this forum, where you often say (as above) that a feature will be provided or fixed "in the next update," it would be helpful to provide the version number. It is confusing when reading older messages (or even ones only days or weeks old at times such as now when updates are made frequently) to know whether the improvement is in the current update or yet to come.

Just something I would find helpful, as a frequent visitor here.

Good idea. I will do that in

Good idea. I will do that in future postings. Thanks, Paul