v9 Word Integration

Is v9 still formats Word documents via RTF? This has been a major inconvenience in v8 and before because I use a lot of images and they lose their formatting when taken through RTF.

This issue has been highlighted some years ago...

Thanks for the advice.

v9 Word Integration


An improved Word integration was to be available in version 8 then in version 9, but is still not there.

Below is the reply I could read on 03/25/2009:
"Philippe, we have finished version 8 development. Unfortunately better Word integration is not included. But we will redo the Word intergration. It will be in version 9. It is indeed the top priority for us after version 8. Thanks, Paul"



Unfortunately, we were not

Unfortunately, we were not able to implement a better word integration for version 9. It still formats document through RTF and HTML. In version 9, the notes module is much improved, you can use it to write papers, theses, and books. We are working on a new word integration scheme and plan to release it with Biblioscape 10. 

Paul, I feel it is

Paul, I feel it is unrealistic to think that users will switch to the internal editor for writing anything for the public domain. At least not in large numbers. Word is what people use, it is something that can be exchanged with colleagues, it is more extensive and mature than what you can hope to provide, etc. I am not a fan of Word and produce all final texts elsewhere if I can but it is my hard-to-avoid reality in most cases. For example, Word-based templates are enforced by many conferences, journals and publishing houses.

Thus, a better Word integration is indeed a priority. These days I format from Biblioscape (not from Word), I never unformat, relying on my own versioning, I format in the last minute, etc. Still, having limited my process in this way, I have to manually re-size all of the images at every reformat. Which for longer documents is a nuisance.

As with other features - the competition is the benchmark and it provides Word integration no questions asked. So, I have given up trying to convince my collaborators (or the unit at large) to look at Biblioscape, especially when the universities provide alternatives free of charge.

Please reconsider.

Word integration is

Word integration is the next thing to do with the highest priority. Thanks, Paul

v10, yet another version without Word integration?

Well, the built-in text editor was probably improved as you said but I will not try out version 9. I am just wanting to continue working with my favorite word processor and also formatting manuscripts without any RTF (and back) conversion. The procedure has many pitfalls including known incompatiblities with revision mode. Furthermore, RTF files from .doc/.docx documents embeddding images and graphs are so large that they can hardly be formatted.