Formatting Quotation Marks

Is there a way to change the formatting of quotation marks in style outputs.  I am not sure of the proper terms, but biblioscape only creates the straight markets ( like these, ") rather than the normal ones used in MS Word.  Anyway to change this?  I have just been doing it manually after I format, but that is very tedious.

It is not possible to use

It is not possible to use smart quote in Biblioscape style editor. But you don't need to do the correction manually in Word. In Word, please go to "Format | Auto Format...". Word will convert all standard quotations marks to smart quatation marks.

Word 2007-2010 and Smart Quotes

In Word I set it to change "straight quotes" into "smart quotes", but conversion takes place only as I type, not when B8 formats the file. I changed both "AutoCorrect" options in Word. 1)AutoFormat As You type - Replace as You Type 2) Autoformat - Replace
Has anybody run into this problem? Thanks.